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Overcoming Dental Anxiety: Why Gateway Dental is the Solution for Your Fear of Dentists

Did you know that ‘Fear of Dentist’ is a very common internet search?

At Gateway Dental we use the ‘Tell – Show – Do’ technique designed to reassure you and relieve any anxiety you feel regarding your appointment . Making sure you are comfortable and at ease with us is of the utmost importance. It enables us to ensure the best outcome for you from your treatment.

We understand that visiting us for a treatment could be fearful experience for you. It may be that you had negative experience, or heaven forbid, multiple experiences when you were a child. As an adult, those memories lead to anxiety when contemplating returning to see a dentist. You may have had a negative experience at one or more dentists in your recent past and believe that you will have the same at any dentist that you visit.

Let us reassure you that this will not be the case with us.

We understand how trying it can be and we do all that is possible to ensure your treatment is as calming and relaxed as possible. You will not need to Google ‘fear of dentist’ as a patient with us.

What is the Tell – Show – Do Technique? (to allieviate your fear of the dentist)

The Tell – Show – Do technique was originally developed by Harold Addleston 40 or so years ago to help nervous children cope with the fear of dentist appointments. But we find it is equally effective as a tool to help nervous adults.

As the name implies, it is a method of describing, then demonstrating before carrying out a treatment. As mentioned, we find is particularly beneficial for children who are reassured when we take the time to explain in language they can easily understand, what is going to happen during their appointment.

We know from experience that this, coupled with our demonstration of the treatment, on our dentist’s or nurses’ finger, or on a tooth model, is an amazing technique for calming you or your child.

We find big smiles and lots of encouragement from our dentist and nurse goes along way to reassuring you too!

Why do we use this technique?

Because it works! This technique is a form of de-sensitisation, that is, it gets you used to the process and thereby reduces your or your child’s anxiety. Calming and getting you to a stage where you are comfortable with treatment is extremely important to us as it ensures we can successfully treat your problems presented. It also enables you to feel a sense of control over what is happening – a major trigger for anxiety we know.

We believe that no-one should have to google ‘fear of dentist’ before contemplating a dentist visit.

“When I came in Dr Jordan showed me what he was going to do. He really gently pulled the scrapper along the back of my hand and then he blew the puff of air onto my hand so I didn't get a surprise when he did it in my mouth. I really liked the chair that went up and down too!" - Theo, aged 10



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