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Can Straightening Your Teeth Really Save Your Life?

A more pleasing smile is not the only reason for Teeth Straightening treatment. Teeth straightening has important health benefits and could save your life...

Teeth straightening is a popular way to enhance your smile by aligning your teeth to give a more symmetrical and therefore, pleasing look. But did you know that teeth straightening could save your life? Here we describe 4 important benefits of straighter teeth for your health.

Teeth Straightening – It’s Easier to Clean Your Teeth

Irregular and crooked teeth that crowd together, blocking tooth surfaces and leaving little space between, make it impossible to brush properly. Your toothbrush cannot reach all the surfaces to clean them. This results in a build-up of plaque and calculus (the hard build-up that only your dentist or Hygienist can remove). Poor oral hygiene also causes a build-up of harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath, but in time will also lead to cavities.

Eventually, plaque and calculus and the build-up of bad bacteria in the mouth will cause inflammation of the gums and then gum disease. In a recent blog post here, we discuss the latest startling clinical research into the link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Teeth Straightening – You Will Chew More Easily

With teeth that are not straight, your bite will not be aligned correctly. When teeth don’t meet as they should, chewing and biting can be more difficult and involve heavier use of your jaw muscles. Eventually, this leads to eating incorrectly to try to relieve the extra effort involved in chewing your food.

The teeth also wear quicker, causing inappropriate erosion of tooth enamel which means sensitivity and pain as well as unsightly discolouration of the teeth.

Teeth Straightening – Your Body As a Whole

Straight teeth keep your teeth healthy, and your gums protected against bacteria, which could help to prevent life-threatening medical issues.

We have already mentioned the link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease above.

However, a study by the University of Helsinki from 2016 showed that there’s a direct connection between infections of the root tip of a tooth and coronary artery disease. There’s an even higher risk of developing this disease when the infections are symptomless. This is particularly concerning and highlights the need to have regular dental check-ups. When was the last time your dentist checked your teeth?

Furthermore, there’s evidence that shows a link between gum disease and lung cancer. Studies indicate that patients with severe periodontitis have a 24 times greater chance of developing lung cancer than patients with healthy gums.

These statistics are frightening, especially considering gum disease is entirely preventable with a good oral hygiene routine and regular dentist check-ups.

Teeth Straightening – You Prevent Jaw Strain and Pain

Not only do crowded and misaligned teeth put pressure on your gums, jaw, and supporting bone but you also tend to alter the position of your jaw when eating or speaking. Over time this can cause strain on your Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ). These are the 2 joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. More specifically, they are the joints that slide and rotate in front of each ear and consist of the mandible (the lower jaw) and the temporal bone (the side and base of the skull). Strain to your TMJ causes frequent headaches or ear and neck pain, among other problems.

When you straighten your teeth, you can achieve the right jaw alignment. Muscles are more relaxed and can work properly. No more clenching, teeth grinding, or pain.

In the long run, you’ll feel more relaxed, as you won’t experience headaches or any other pain caused by too much stress on your jaw joint. Straight teeth allow you to live better and, quite possibly, longer. You’ll be more comfortable with eating and smiling and improve your quality of life overall. That is worth regular check-ups with your dentist, isn’t it?

If you do suffer book an appointment to see our Orthodontist or TMJ specialists by calling us on 01444 232188.

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