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Teeth straightening - What is Orthodontics?

Simply, orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses specifically on teeth straightening. It is the diagnosis and treatment of dental irregularities. These include crooked, crowded, and protruding teeth, along with poor jaw alignment.

At Gateway Dental we know that having crooked, misaligned, or protruding teeth can cause you to lose confidence in your smile. You may be embarrassed by the look of your teeth and this can affect your overall self-confidence.   Many patients ask us about teeth straightening, and specifically,  how much braces cost.  Book in for an appointment with our Orthodontists and you can start on your journey to straighter teeth.

Health Issues

If you have problems with your bite and the alignment of your teeth this can also affect how you chew food.  This has an impact on your general health as you may find your diet restricted. Furthermore, crowded and misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean properly.  This potentially leads to a build-up of plaque, and decay leading to gum disease. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We provide a range of treatments that can help improve your smile! 

Orthodontic Advances

Orthodontics has advanced greatly in recent years, and modern teeth straightening and jaw alignment treatment is much quicker and more comfortable than it was in the past. Depending on the type and amount of correction needed, there are several discreet brace solutions available.

We treat both adults and children in need of teeth straightening and jaw alignment help. Treatment at early stages will result in less complicated and invasive treatment later in life.

NHS treatment is available to children under the age of 18, for which children must be referred by their dentist and fulfill specific case severity criteria. There is a waiting list for NHS orthodontic treatment. Some parents prefer their children to have private treatment, which can be paid for monthly with interest-free credit and is suitable for children whose problem is too minor to be treated on the NHS, and those who would prefer invisible braces.

Common orthodontic problems include:

  • Crowding

  • Overjet (protruding upper teeth)

  • Deep overbite

  • Open bite

  • Gappy teeth

  • Crossbite

  • Class III (protruding lower jaw)

How can we help?

When you visit us for teeth straightening and jaw alignment treatment, you can rest assured you are in safe and capable hands. You will be treated by our caring and approachable team of skilled professionals.  You will be given a thorough orthodontic assessment. Any proposed treatment will be explained to you in full and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before you start your treatment.   


Many patients ask us about teeth straightening, and specifically,  how much braces cost? Book in for an appointment with our Orthodontists and you can start on your journey to straighter teeth.

Cfast fixed braces

The next generation in fixed braces

We offer Cfast braces because they have a number of benefits when compared to traditional fixed braces. Although not completely invisible, the Cfast System offers a choice of ceramic brackets and fine wires to create a more discreet appearance. Thanks to its improved design and use of innovative technology, this system means than you can enjoy a faster treatment time (typically six months less than traditional fixed braces), enhanced comfort and stronger force suitable for teeth that are badly out of position.

Because Cfast braces are stronger than most orthodontic treatments, they can be used to fix a wide range of problems and deliver outstanding results that will make you look and feel confident about your new improved smile.


Who are orthodontics for?

Many people falsely believe that orthodontic treatment is only for children and teenagers. In fact, orthodontic treatment can help patients of any age. Anyone who feels their teeth are not as straight as they would like should consult an orthodontist.

At Gateway Dental we believe you are never too old for braces, and if we can help you achieve a better smile and better life with braces, we’d like to do it for you. Studies show that millions of people have oral health problems that could benefit from orthodontic treatment, both adults and children alike.

The British Orthodontic Society recommends that every child should see an orthodontist sooner rather than later. Sometimes problems are spotted by parents, the family dentist, or the doctor, and early examination enables the orthodontist to spot problems more quickly, evaluate them, and determine the appropriate time for treatment.

In some cases, your child may not start treatment immediately. In some cases, early treatment can achieve results that would be impossible once the face and jaws finish growing, and in any case, early intervention often makes completion of treatment at a later age easier and less time-consuming.

These days, orthodontic problems can be corrected in adults as well as children, with several solutions available to a range of problems. In many cases, treatment is less time-consuming and more discreet than patients ever imagined possible.

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