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could help you achieve your star-quality smile

Why choose INVISALIGN® to improve your smile?

Clear and comfortable – Invisalign® aligners are specially made from a clear plastic that fits securely and comfortably to your teeth. The aligners are hardly visible so you can smile without anyone noticing you have the retainers in.

our usual routine – there’s no need to change what you eat as Invisalign retainers are removable. Simply take out the aligners when you’re about to eat, then brush your teeth when you are done.

Custom-made – Here at Gateway Dental we use 3D scans of your teeth and mouth to accurately craft custom-made aligners that will fit like a glove.

What is involved?

If your teeth are suitable for this adult-friendly treatment, we will take impressions and photos, and collect other information. We will then use special 3D technology to create a personalised plan, which shows how your teeth will move and how they will look after treatment

Once your bespoke aligners are ready, you will wear a different one every two weeks until the carefully controlled force shifts your teeth to a better position. You may feel minor discomfort when a new aligner is fitted but this is usually just a feeling of pressure and a good indicator that the treatment is working

You will attend regular progress checks with your dentist throughout your treatment

Treatment times will vary depending on your individual requirements, but most cases are completed in 6-12 months. As the aligners only work while you are wearing them, we recommend they are kept in place for 22–24 hours per day

Keeping your smile straight

It’s important to have retainers made so your teeth don’t move back out of position after your treatment.  Once treatment is complete, an equally discreet, removable retainer will help you maintain your newly straightened smile.

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