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Composite Bridge

When teeth are missing there are a number of ways, we can replace those teeth. A great way to do this is using a Composite bridge. A Composite bridge uses the teeth on either side of the space to replace the missing teeth. Composite Bridges are relatively inexpensive and require little or no tooth modification.

The benefits of Composite Bridges over conventional Porcelain Bridges are:

They are metal free
They are repairable
Relatively inexpensive
No damages to the teeth on either side except for the minor surface changes associated with any bonding process
One appointment treatment


No long term longevity studies have been done which makes them an unproven technology
Possible decay of the attached teeth in patients with poor oral hygiene
Not as strong and probably won’t last as long as conventional Porcelain Bridges
More likely to develop staining.
A combination of Composite resin and nylon strips are placed in the space between the teeth where they are hardened and shaped. After a final polish, the bridge is ready to be used straight away.



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