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CBCT Scanner


CBCT Scanning equipment

At Gateway Dental, we continue to provide the newest and most innovative dental treatments by using the latest technologies. Our new cutting-edge equipment (KaVo OP 3D) has been the ‘Award-winning innovation for Panoramic -OPG, Cephalometric and 3D imaging -CBCT. 

Our patients can receive the highest quality and most up-to-date dental care possible with this type of advanced diagnostic equipment available in practice– all under one roof. 

What is a CBCT Scanner?

A CBCT scanner (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a state-of-the-art scanning machine that is used to produce precise, high-resolution 3D images of a patient’s mouth including the teeth, jaws, nerve paths, soft tissue, and bone levels. In contrast to the regular dental X-ray, the scan provides high levels of detail for effective and advanced care planning, whilst using the lowest possible radiation dose amongst similar technologies on the market.


Advantages of CBCT Scans

For our patients at Gateway Dental, five main benefits of CBCT scanning you can enjoy are:

Fast, comfortable, pain-free & minimally invasive technique. A fantastic solution for anxious patients.

Increased efficacy and accuracy of the treatment and clinical picture at any stage of the treatment due to highly detailed imagining. This significantly minimizes the potential risks and mistakes.

Early detection of dental diseases.

Better image quality than traditional dental X-ray – Reduced radiation exposure.

An easy explanation of the treatment plan and how the treatment works for the patients.

What is a CBCT Scan used for?

A CBCT dental scanner is a great diagnostic tool for advanced dental treatments and surgical procedures such as:

  • Periodontal treatments for gum disease

  • Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

  • Dental treatment planning for sleep apnea.

  • Complex oral surgeries

  • Dental implant planning and Implant placements

  • Challenging endodontic cases

  • Varied orthodontic treatments

  • Diagnostic help for other oral health issues such as infections, cystic lesions, tumors etc.

  • Treatment simulations

CBCT Scans at Gateway Dental

Our clinical team is highly trained and able to gain high-resolution images of both the upper and lower jaw down to single-tooth scan details at ultra-fast speeds.

To find out more about our 3D-Imaging technology contact us today and speak to one of our friendly reception team members or clinicians.

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