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All on 4 / All on 6
Smile in 1 Day

Replace a full arch of lost teeth in one day with All-on-4 treatment. A fast, cost-effective solution for people who don't want to wear dentures

All-on-4 tooth replacement in Burgess Hill​

Perhaps you have failing teeth, an unsatisfactory bridge, or simply feel tired of wearing dentures. If so, the All-on-4® treatment could be right for you. It’s a remarkably fast and cost-effective alternative to individually placed implants for people who have a full arch of teeth in need of replacement.

All-on-4® treatment involves fitting a full arch of up to ten replacement teeth on just four implants – hence the name. The implants are placed at strategic points along the jaw, with two of them tilted at an angle of up to 45o.​


The result is a very high degree of functionality, achieved at a single fitting. A highly cost-effective permanent tooth replacement solution.


How the treatment works

On the day of treatment, a pre-made temporary bridge is fitted to the newly-placed implants. This means you’ll be free from dentures from day-1 and throughout the entire treatment process. After four to six months, you’ll return to our clinic here in Burgess Hill for the final fitting of your permanent replacement bridge. This will be carefully designed and constructed to provide a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Your permanent bridge will be reinforced with metal to ensure long-lasting performance.

Who can benefit from All-on-4?

People who currently wear dentures can enjoy major lifestyle improvements by choosing All-on-4® treatment, especially if their dentures are loose or wobbly. If you’re missing a whole arch – or both arches – of teeth, this can be a particularly cost-effective alternative to individually placed dental implants. Equally, if you’ve never worn dentures before, but severe tooth problems or poorly functioning bridges have made you consider doing so, All-on-4® tooth replacement may well be a more satisfying solution.


Another group of people who could benefit from these tooth replacement solutions are those who have thought about implants but were told that they would need extensive bone augmentation before they could be fitted. With All-on-4®, this may not be the case. The angled positioning and reduced number of implants required for this type of treatment means your Gateway dental dentist may well be able to make use of existing bone, eliminating any need for grafting.

Long-lasting, transformative results

Patients tell us that All-on-4® has transformed their quality of life. The benefits of abandoning ill-fitting dentures in favour of highly functional fixed replacement teeth are considerable. Many former denture wearers find their enjoyment of food is far greater, especially if they were limited to certain kinds of food before treatment.

As well as improved confidence at mealtimes, All-on-4® tooth replacement frequently helps people to form a more positive approach to social occasions and workplace meetings. It really can make a major difference, with faster treatment times and reduced cost.

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