We reserve time every day to see dental emergencies and no matter what the problem is, here at Gateway Dental we want to help … even if you don’t normally attend our dental practice.

Here’s what we will do:

  • Listen carefully to you to find out about the problem
  • Review your Medical History and anything else important
  • Examine your mouth to find out what’s causing the problem
  • Tell you our findings
  • Discuss treatment options and the cost of these
  • Ask you what you’d like to do next

Appointments are FREE if you are exempt from NHS Patient Charges

If you are not exempt from NHS Patient Charges appointments normally cost £19.70 to £53.90 but may vary depending on treatment.

Due to limited NHS capacity, from time to time we may not be able to offer you treatment under the NHS and when this happens, we offer Priority Appointments for an Emergency Consultation on a Private basis at a discounted rate.

If you don’t subscribe to a Gateway Dental Plan and you are in pain, we will try to see you on the same day and if we can’t, we will do our utmost to see you on the next working day.

If you subscribe to a Gateway Silver or Purple Dental Plan and you are in pain, if you call before 10.00am we guarantee to see you on the same day.

When we are closed, call the West Sussex NHS Emergency Dental Helpline on 01444 440695